July meatmobile incoming! Pork, beef by the quarter, pre-order lamb


Sorry we missed the 4th of July! This year’s early, hot spring has thrown us all out of whack. But we’re back on track and we are taking orders for pork CSA deliveries. We’ll be in Seattle on Saturday July 18th and at Wild Hare Farm on River Road in Pierce County (between Tacoma and Puyallup — formerly Terry’s Berries) on Tuesday the 21st. We are also taking orders for grass-fed beef by the quarter or more, and you can pre-order grass-fed lamb by the half.

Beef by the quarter

Our beef cattle have been raised on our Certified Organic pasture during the summer, and on our own Organic hay during the winter.

Grass-fed beef is typically leaner and more strongly flavored that CAFO-finished, grain-fed animals. The cuts also tend to be smaller than confinement beef. We have not used any antibiotics, hormones, or other medication. We have fed a mineral supplement that is not Certified Organic.

We are selling beef by the quarter. A quarter of beef is typically more than enough for 2-3 people for a year. The butcher won’t split beef up into eighths, but if you want to share your quarter with someone else you are of course welcome to make those arrangements yourself.

You will pay us $4/lb by hanging weight (the weight before it is butchered). This is usually around 150 lbs for a quarter. From that, you’ll get around 100 lbs of meat.

You will also pay the butcher separately for the processing costs (varies depending on your specifications).

Email us at farmers@dropstonefarms.com for more information or to order.

Lamb by the half

We have four grass-fed lambs that are earmarked (literally) for harvesting this year. They won’t be ready until late fall at least, but if you want to get your name in early for half or whole lamb, shoot us an email at farmers@dropstonefarms.com and we’ll get you on the list. Details (price, date, etc.) to come.

Pork variety packs!

We have a plenty of pork variety packs available this month! These pigs were out on our Certified Organic pastures all summer but came into the barn once the rain started. They also ate Organic grain for most of their lives.

Note that we did feed a locally-milled but non-Organic feed because we were faced with either doing that or raising prices to a point we were not comfortable with. We are not very happy about this and we are looking at alternative feed sources.

Place an order for pork variety packs as soon as you can by emailing us at farmers@dropstonefarms.com.

Our variety packs consist of ten pounds of pork in a variety of cuts. The contents vary every month. As an example, a recent ten-pound assortment included a roast, sausage, a couple of packs of chops, pork steak, bacon, and a small tenderloin.

A ten-pound pack is $85.

(Pint of ice cream for scale only! Our pork variety packs do not include ice cream, unfortunately.)

Sausage flavors! We have: Sweet Italian, spicy Italian, andouille, Polish sausage, breakfast sausage, and a not-very-spicy chorizo (loose, not links — makes great taco meat). We also got bulk plain (unseasoned) ground pork for you to experiment with your own flavorings. When you email us with your order, just let us know what flavor you would like. One pound comes in the pack, and you can add on others if you would like.


This month our Seattle delivery will be on Saturday, July 18. We will be at our usual drop site in Wallingford, City Grown Farmstand at 4108 Eastern Ave N, between 12:30 and 1:30. If this time/location doesn’t work for you, get in touch to make other arrangements.

Our Bainbridge Island delivery is dependent on us getting at least four orders on the island. We just can’t justify the ferry trip and the extra travel time to get home when we just have a couple of orders. Sorry :(

Pierce County customers can pick up on Tuesday, July 21st, time TBD, at Wild Hare Organic Farm (formerly Terry’s Berries), on River Road between Tacoma and Puyallup. You can also pick up at our farm; contact us to make arrangements.

Extra goodies & custom orders

As usual, we have some extras that you can add on to your order. We have ham, bacon, sausage, leaf lard (not rendered, but it’s easy to do), ham hocks, chicken feet, pork kidneys, tongue, and liver, and other offal. Or create your own custom order from the weird bits or the regular bits — just let us know what you want. Minimum of $40 worth of meat.

Happenings on the farm

As we suspected, getting a house built continues to take up a lot of our time, even though we are going the modular route. (They deliver the house fully built and put it up in one day!) We are close to finalizing plans and we are already dreaming about having a proper kitchen again.

Our best sow, Mama Pig 1, has a healthy litter of nine little pigs.

The geese didn’t hatch any eggs for the second year in a row, so that’s the end of that experiment. In other news, we’re selling a trio of very fierce guard geese …

The first cutting of hay went well, and was all sold to an Organic Valley dairy producer up in Enumclaw. The dry spring has impacted the regrowth somewhat but we should get a second cutting at least.

Last but not least, we’re on Instagram!

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