We messed up: nitrates

We got feedback from a customer recently who was disappointed to find that our cured meats (ham and bacon) include nitrates as an ingredient. This is in the cure that the butcher uses and we don’t have any say over it. We personally don’t have a problem with consuming nitrates in moderation, so we completely overlooked the fact that this is something we should have been notifying you about.

Regardless of our own feelings on the matter, it’s very important to us that all steps of our meat production process be transparent to our customers, and that you have all the information needed to make decisions. We very much dropped the ball on this one and we are really sorry.

If you currently have any ham, ham hocks, ham steaks, or bacon in your freezer, and you would like to exchange it for something uncured and nitrate-free, please email us at farmers@dropstonefarms.com and we’ll work something out.

Also, if you are customer for whom this is a dealbreaker — if you would not order bacon or ham from us unless they are nitrate-free — would you mind dropping us a line at that address, too? We may be limited by the butcher shops that are available to us, and not be able to make any changes, but we’d like to get a feel for how many customers this affects.

Again, we are very sorry for this mistake on our part. We’ll be editing all our order forms and other materials over the next couple of days to include mention of the nitrates in the cured products. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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