Learnings we have had this winter (a non-exhaustive list)

Sorry we’ve been incommunicado lately; there’s been a conference or other out-of-town event nearly every weekend since the beginning of the year. It’s learning-and-networking-event time for farmers from about November to about March, so the craziness should be wrapping up soon, for which I am thankful.

Here’s a list of the events I can remember:

Thursday, January 17: Garth at the South Sound Food Summit.

Friday and Saturday, January 25-26 (the next weekend): Garth at Lamb 200 on Friday, both of us at Cattlemen’s Winter School and Country Living Expo (link is time-sensitive; 2013 info will not last forever)
(Also on the evening of the 26th: Zoë Keating and Portland Cello Project at the Edmonds Center for the Arts, a lovely venue! And of course a super awesome show.)

Saturday, February 2: (the weekend after that): Farmland Changing Hands workshop, hosted by FarmLink and WSU Extensions.

Saturday, February 9: (the next weekend after that): West Sound Small Farms Expo. I won a pasture stick!

Saturday, February 16 (the weekend after that): NO farm stuff!!! We went on a tiny road trip to visit my family in Reno, which was great.

Friday, February 22: Garth at the NW Washington Farm-To-Table Trade Meeting in Bellingham.

Saturday, February 23 (the next day): Me at the Women in Ag conference.

Monday, February 25 (two days later): Both of us at meat-cutting school at the Island-Grown Meat Cooperative butcher shop. There are several more sessions, so if you’re interested in learning how to process meat, let me know and I can forward the email. (There’s no web-based info to speak of.)

In the meantime we are taking online classes in farm accounting, organic certification, and farm business planning, as well as trying to get our business plan and general finances in order.


But we planted some sugar snap pea starts on Sunday!

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