Product review: My Weight KD8000 digital kitchen scale

We make a lot of our own sausage, bacon, and other charcuterie. We also try to cook by weight when baking, and the daily goat milk yield is measured by weight too. And when we are packing our freshly-processed chickens and turkeys, we use the scale to estimate weights to track the growth rates for our own records and for ballparking the prices of the birds. So we use our kitchen scale a lot.

But for years, we could only find scales that went up to 11 lbs. (Insert Spinal Tap joke here.) This is fine for most of our needs, but on turkey packing day we REALLY need something bigger, and when we’re making bacon or sausage or ham, we’re also usually dealing with larger quantities of meat. Every once in a while we’d do another search for a bigger-capacity scale, and not find anything, and just get the $50 one from the grocery store again, and use it until it fell apart again.

Then, via Michael Ruhlman, we found the My Weight KD-8000* scale, and we rejoiced! Not only is it cheaper than everything else we’d seen, at under $40, it also has a capacity of up to 17 pounds. The metal weighing platform is removable for cleaning, and there’s a plastic shield over the buttons for wet or messy uses too (like chicken processing day, which is very wet). It switches between ounces in decimals (used for weighing the milk yield), pounds and ounces, pounds in decimals (used for weighing chickens and turkeys), and grams. It has percentage feature that it touts for baking — I haven’t figured it out yet, but I think the gist is it makes it easy for you to say 1 part x to .5 parts y. I was a bit worried because we have killed all previous scales within a year or so, but this one also has a 30-year warranty.

Maybe someday we’ll have a 50-lb capacity price-calculating one like you see at the grocery store, but that’ll have to wait until we have a spare $300. In the meantime, this one is the only thing we’ve seen on the market that’s at or under $50 with a capacity greater than 11 lbs. The fact that we haven’t been able to break it so far makes it even more awesome.

If you’re in the market for an inexpensive kitchen scale, especially if you’ll be using it for meat or baking, we highly recommend the KD-8000.

* This is an affiliate link, which means that if you click the link and make a purchase, we might get a commission.

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