Chicken update: Imminent, but no firm date yet

Wow, I guess I have been meaning to post and then putting it off for several weeks now … oops.

We have a batch of ~140 chickens this year and we will be selling ~100 of them — SOON. However, I realized a week ago that I forgot to renew our permit to slaughter and sell pastured poultry: it is a two-year permit now and unfortunately for me that is a long enough time that I didn’t have to worry about it = I became complacent = I forgot to take care of it. Another big OOPS.

So we sent our stuff in on Monday and now we cross our fingers, because those birds are getting big. They are gorgeous and healthy but they’re starting to try to crow already!

We are HOPING to be able to process on the weekends of Aug 25-26 and Sept 1-2, but I can’t say for sure until we get our permit in place.

As soon as we know, we’ll start taking orders, so be on the lookout, and be ready to spread the word.

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