Garden journal, Sunday April 15 2012

This weekend saw lots of work in preparation for possibly going out of town next week. No pics this time, unfortunately.

  • Fed goats; checked on their kelp, mineral, and baking soda levels
  • Trellised hops by screwing a whole bunch of eye-bolts into the porch railing, and running jute twine from the upstairs window down through the eye-bolts to the garden staples on the ground; cleared the grass out of the hops beds
  • Mowed most of the lawn
  • Cleaned out all the dead bees from last year’s hives; laid down black plastic mulch in an attempt to solve the issue of needing to mow around future hives of angry bees; replaced and re-leveled the hive stands, and put the hive boxes back together in preparation for the new bees to come next weekend;
  • Cleaned out the greenhouse, and moved the super-late tomato-, pepper-, and herb starts out there to the greenhouse under lights on a timer
  • Checked in on all the things in the raised beds — overwintered chard, kale, carrots, and leeks, plus newly-transplanted lettuces, green onions, and brassicas, and the direct-seeded peas and radishes — and weeded and watered and otherwise generally babied the tiny veggies
  • Moved the turkeys from their separate house into the coop, so we don’t have to keep feeding and watering birds in two places at opposite ends of the yard
  • Made some chèvre and some yogurt.

My fingernails are dirty. It’s awesome.

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