Garden Journal for March 4, 2012

Got outside a bit today. Started two seed flats with a bunch of lettuces, two kinds of broccoli, cabbages, and a few green onions. Put them under lights in the mudroom. They have heat mats but we didn’t turn them on, as it didn’t seem they needed it.

Garth raked up dead stuff from a raised bed that we’re trying to rehab. We planted it with buckwheat last spring and it helped. There are still some blackberries but it’s much reduced. We found some field peas and some clover seed in our cover crop bucket, so we scattered those in the bare bed. I added some to last year’s garlic patch, too, since its cover crop never took after we pulled the garlic last summer. It has some volunteer garlic as usual, so we’ll have green garlic in a bit.

I started cleaning out the strawberry bed a bit.

We planted a packet of snap peas and a packet of shelling peas in this year’s garlic bed, with a bit of radishes in between to separate the varieties. They both want the soil to be at 45° to germinate, so we mulched it with some hay sweepings. I hope we don’t regret using hay with seed heads in it, but it was cheap.

The chives are growing and the garlic is looking great. There are still lots of delicious carrots and green onions in the ground. The chard is coming back to life too.

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  1. April 6, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    March is a great month for trimming and tidying. Get it done now because a month from now you’ll be busy cleaning dirt from under your fingernails.

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