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I have all these tabs open so I don’t lose track of the recipes, but my browser is starting to drag … so that I can close them, here is what we have been making, in no particular order:

Portuguese-ish clams and sausage, except I basically barely followed the recipe. I used soft, not cured linguiça from Uli’s, and more sausage and fewer clams, and I added kale. It was delicious.

Leibovitz’s marshmallows!!! with the egg whites left over from …

Goat milk ice cream, sweetened with honey, with a strawberry swirl. Except I am not very good at using the ice cream maker, so it isn’t really very icecreamey. But it is super tasty. I added some freshly ground white pepper to the strawberry mixture, which is pretty awesome.

Candied ginger (Leibovitz again) so that I could make …

Blueberry ginger jam, which turned out pretty dang good too.

Ramp greens kimchi, except I used onion greens and a bit of garlic scape, because that is what I had. I haven’t tried it yet, but it smells fantastic, and Garth made some fried rice with it and pronounced it “omg noms.”

Rhubarb liqueur, still steeping, and strawberry vodka (Lebovitz *again*!).

Garth’s home-cured and home-smoked bacon.

Garth’s home-cured and home-smoked HAM.

We’ve also frozen about 10 lbs of cherries, with more coming soon, and yesterday we blanched and froze a GIANT cauliflower in florets. A few weeks ago we had a good canning day, with pickled asparagus, cherry jam, strawberry jam (which didn’t gel, so it’s strawberry syrup), strawberry-rhubarb jam, pickled scapes, and sweet and spicy pickled rhubarb. There has been beef jerkying, and marinated and grilled top round made into burritos, and short ribs on the grill with homemade cherry-rhubarb barbecue sauce, and roasted chicken that later turned into chicken salad and also a tortilla soup with last year’s frozen corn and the last can of home-canned tomatoes. Fried chicken. Fresh potato and homegrown fava bean salad. Fresh cabbage and carrot coleslaw. And tonight, our four tiny ripe tomatillos from the garden, combined with with storebought avocado (only way we can get it), Laughing Crow garlic and Persephone onions (from the handy farmstand at Bay Hay), home-grown and -pickled jalapeños, and Laughing-Crow-intern-grown cilantro all combined to become approximately this avocado salsa verde, which we put on our grilled scallop tacos.

Oh yeah, and we’ve been gardening too. The fall brassicas are in, along with the winter’s carrots and leeks (I hope). If all goes well, there are 3 pigs coming in a couple of weeks (alive!).

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