Dark Days week 7: Leftovers

The fridge was full and I was overwhelmed with options … How to divide up one serving of fried chicken, one serving of pot roast, four leftover egg whites, and 2+ servings of potato parsnip gratin? I was just starting to try to figure out how to decide who gets the pot roast sandwich and who gets the fried chicken sandwich, when Garth reminded me we could just split it all up and have a Very Trendy Small Plates meal instead of just leftovers. Hooray!

Fried chicken:
homegrown chicken fried à la Alton Brown, with Organic Valley buttermilk and organic, non-local flour and miscellaneous spices

Pot roast:
Made by Anne at Small Potatoes with a roast from the cow we shared; some carrots from our garden and some from the Bainbridge Island farmers’ market; mushrooms from BC; herbs grown and dried by Anne’s mom.

Scrambled eggs and cheese:
Four homegrown egg whites reserved from Ruhlman’s cooked egg nog, combined with two more whole homegrown eggs and a mess of grated (non-local, non-organic, but rBST-free at least) Tillamook cheddar.

Potato parsnip gratin:
Made-up recipe inspired by a meal at Agate Pass Café, with potatoes from Soup Garden Farm, parsnips and garlic from Laughing Crow Farm, leeks from Persephone Farm — all from the Bainbridge Island farmers’ market; homegrown parsley; and Fresh Breeze Organic milk as usual.

  3 comments for “Dark Days week 7: Leftovers

  1. January 4, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    this totally brought a smile to my face — I’ll have to remember the small plates repurposing the next time I’m staring down a fridge full of leftovers!

  2. January 5, 2010 at 5:40 am

    Mental note made – it *is* possible to have exciting leftovers that don’t seem so, well, scattered. And very exciting that you could have part of the meal made by another local friend, and share the cow too.

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