Short Thanksgiving/harvest roundup

Too many delicious meals in my blogs today to round up, but I will write ours up soon.

Novella Carpenter’s non-published op ed on Thanksgiving. Novella is smart and awesome and bad-ass. Thank you, turkeys.

Via Kimberly, a fantastic poem:

Rafael Jesús González

Thanks & blessing be
to the Sun & the Earth
for this bread & this wine,
    this fruit, this meat, this salt,
               this food;
thanks be & blessing to them
who prepare it, who serve it;
thanks & blessing to them
who share it
     (& also the absent & the dead.)
Thanks & blessing to them who bring it
        (may they not want),
to them who plant & tend it,
harvest & gather it
        (may they not want);
thanks & blessing to them who work
        & blessing to them who cannot;
may they not want — for their hunger
      sours the wine
          & robs the salt of its taste.
Thanks be for the sustenance & strength
for our dance & the work of justice, of peace.


Gracias y benditos sean
el Sol y la Tierra
por este pan y este vino,
     esta fruta, esta carne, esta sal,
                este alimento;
gracias y bendiciones
a quienes lo preparan, lo sirven;
gracias y bendiciones
a quienes lo comparten
(y también a los ausentes y a los difuntos.)
Gracias y bendiciones a quienes lo traen
        (que no les falte),
a quienes lo siembran y cultivan,
lo cosechan y lo recogen
       (que no les falte);
gracias y bendiciones a los que trabajan
       y bendiciones a los que no puedan;
que no les falte — su hambre
     hace agrio el vino
           y le roba el gusto a la sal.
Gracias por el sustento y la fuerza
para nuestro bailar y nuestra labor
        por la justicia y la paz.

(The Montserrat Review, Issue 6, Spring 2003
[nominated for the Hobblestock Peace Poetry Award];
author’s copyrights.)

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