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We are still experimenting with the best way to raise pigs so that they are as happy as possible, yet don’t completely destroy all our pastures. We are also experimenting with different heritage breeds.

Our breeding stock are a British heritage breed called Tamworth. Tamworth is on the Slow Food UK Ark of Taste and listed by the Livestock Conservancy as threatened. Not all the products we currently have available are Tamworth, but all our products are heritage breeds, and we are moving toward a Tamworth-based product list.

All purchased grain-based feed for the pigs has been Certified Organic. When possible, we have raised the pigs on our Certified Organic pastures rather than indoors. However, pigs are destructive, and we are trying to find an ideal solution that preserves the soil and also maximizes the pigs’ pigginess.

Pork by the half

Have a big freezer? Want a bargain? Stock up on pork by the half. You’ll work with the butcher to determine how big you want your roasts, what flavor sausages, how many chops per pack, etc., and when it’s ready you’ll pick it all up at once at the butcher in Rochester. You will probably have 60+ pounds of meat total per half.
$6/lb by hanging weight (before it is butchered); hanging weight is usually around 85-95 lbs per half. You will also pay the butcher separately for the processing costs (varies depending on your specifications, generally $50-75).

Ten-pound pork variety pack example

Ten-pound pork variety pack example

CSA variety packs

City dwellers or others with less freezer space may prefer to receive pork in smaller amounts at a time. Our variety packs consist of ten pounds of pork in a variety of cuts, delivered monthly. The contents vary every month, but will usually include bacon, sausage, chops, roast(s), and then a featured cut or two. As an example, a recent ten-pound assortment included a roast, sausage, a couple of packs of chops, pork steak, bacon, and a tenderloin.

Ten pounds takes up less space than you might think! Here is an example variety pack, with a pint of ice cream for scale (pork variety pack does not actually include ice cream!).

CSA variety packs are currently delivered once a month to a location in North Seattle. We are interested in expanding to other Seattle and non-Seattle locations, so get in touch if this doesn’t work for you.

We encourage regular monthly subscriptions to the CSA, but we also understand that this might not suit everyone’s lifestyle. Please contact us if you’re interested in an alternative schedule, and we’ll try our best to work it out.

Email us to order any of the above.

Pork extras and goodies

We often have extras of items that are a bit too weird to put in a generic variety pack. Please contact us anytime to order the weird stuff, like:

  • Jowls
  • Leaf lard
  • Hams (4-6 lbs, bone-in, smoked — not actually weird, just too big to put in a 10-lb pack)
  • Smoked ham hocks
  • Tongue
  • Liver
  • Heart

Variety pack subscribers can also add on extra bacon or extra sausage to their regular deliveries.


Our broiler chickens are descended from old French and Pennsylvania Amish heritage breeds. They were truly free-range, foraging anywhere they wanted on our diverse Organic pastures as well as eating an Organic grain-based feed.

We have a very limited amount of whole frozen chickens still available. We also have extra goodies like chicken feet, hearts, livers, and gizzards.

Email us to order.

Coming soon

Coming in Summer 2014: Lamb, rabbit, and beef (all grass-fed).

Maybe coming for the holidays 2014: Pasture-raised turkey and goose. (It depends on the mom turkeys and geese!)


Please email us with your order, or also contact us at any time with any questions or comments you might have. We love to hear from folks.