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We are still experimenting with the best way to raise pigs so that they are as happy as possible, yet they don’t completely destroy all our pastures. Our Fall 2013 pork is coming from a British heritage breed called Tamworth. It is on the Slow Food UK Ark of Taste and listed by the Livestock Conservancy as threatened. Our batch of Tams have been raised on Certified Organic pasture and have done a lovely job of turning it into mud. All purchased grain-based feed for the pigs has also been Certified Organic.

Fall 2013 pork

Pork by the half
Have a big freezer? Want a bargain? Stock up on pork by the half. You’ll work with the butcher to determine how big you want your roasts, what flavor sausages, how many chops per pack, etc., and when it’s ready you’ll pick it all up at once at the butcher in Rochester. You will probably have 60+ pounds of meat total.
$6.50/lb by hanging weight (before it is butchered). All processing costs are included in the price.
CSA boxes — 10 or 20 lbs per month
City dwellers may prefer to receive pork in smaller amounts at a time. Sign up for a CSA-style delivery of either 10 or 20 pounds per month of assorted cuts. We’ll deliver to a central location mid-November, mid-December, and mid-January. (More info on late winter deliveries will be forthcoming.)
$8.50/lb. All processing fees and delivery are included in the price.

Pork is being processed on October 29th, so order now!


Our broiler chickens are descended from old French and Pennsylvania Amish heritage breeds. They are truly free-range, foraging on our diverse Organic pastures as well as an Organic grain-based feed.

Fall 2013 chicken

Chicken will be ready in early November. Stock your freezers with several birds at once, or sign up for delivery of frozen chicken to a central location in mid-November, mid-December, or mid-January.

Chicken is being processed in early November, so order now!


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